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Live safe with Crimsafe

Storm Smart is proud to announce we have forged a partnership with Crimsafe to become the exclusive dealer of their hurricane protection products in Southwest Florida.

Crimsafe is a global leader in stainless steel security and hurricane protection products offering a full line of custom-built screen protection products.

Storm Smart is currently offering the following Crimsafe debris screens, each having passed tests simulating flying debris impacts at up to 244mph:

Each type of screen has passed tests simulating flying debris impacts up to 244mph. In addition to storm protection, Crimsafe screens offer the highest level of security for your home or business.

The benefits of choosing Crimsafe

CrimSafe provides security for homes, office buildings, warehouses, hospitals, retail outlets, banks, prisons, schools, aged-care residences, road overpasses and railway crossings. Crimsafe products are custom made to handle any challenge.

Crimsafe is tougher than the rest. Their thicker mesh and screw-clap system has consistently proven to be stronger and harder to penetrate than their competitors.

Crimsafe looks great. Their stainless steel mesh screens provide maximum security without the prison-like appearance of bars or grilles. The powder-coated mesh screens and frames provide your home or business with simple clean lines that look as good as the feeling of security they provide.

Crimsafe improves your energy efficiency. Glass windows and doors are responsible for up to 40% of household heat gain/loss. Installing Crimsafe products in these locations will improve cooling and heat retention, and the overall cost-savings of a building.

Crimsafe gives you a quick exit in emergencies. Their unique Crimsafe-S-Cape® provides you a keyless exit system that is easy to use from the inside without compromising complete security from the outside. Keeping the bad guys out doesn’t mean trapping you in.

Crimsafe is corrosion-resistant. Simulating 30 years of environmental exposure, Crimsafe screens have been subjected to more than 3,000 hours of prohesion salt spray testing without showing any corrosion, loss of adhesion or blistering.

Crimsafe provides a minimum 10-year warranty. That’s one decade of your peace of mind. That’s how confident Crimsafe is that every product they make meets both our exacting standards and your needs.

Crimsafe Fire Tuff® screens are tested for fire attenuation, reducing the intensity of radiant heat flux and naked flame by up to 59%.

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