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We Gladly Support the Harry Chapin Food Bank

We Gladly Support the Harry Chapin Food Bank

2020 has certainly been a year to remember so far. With COVID-19 kicking off right at the beginning of January, many people around the world are displaced, out of work, have lost loved ones, fought mental health battles, and more. We have seen in Southwest Florida the direct effect of the Coronavirus and how it continues to impact people in our community. On top of that, Floridians are preparing for potential hurricane weather which adds stress, worry, and financial hardship on individuals and families in the event a hurricane does directly hit our coast. As we work with our local community not-for-profit partners, we continue to hear about the added services they are providing during this time and what their needs still are.

The Need in Our Community

In the wake of the Coronavirus, the Harry Chapin Food Bank has seen a 137% increase in demand for food supply within the five counties it covers. Every week they are distributing almost 100,000 pounds of food which equates to over 800,000 meals served in one week. As we heard story after story of the need around us, it was obvious that additional help was required.

President & CEO of Harry Chapin Food Bank, Richard LeBer, stated that their work in the community has more than doubled as of recently and that they are going through resources quickly. This means that without continued support from the community, people in Southwest Florida will go without basic necessities.

How We Gave Back

In May, we sat with our team and brainstormed ways we could be a part of the solution. For the month of June, we committed to donating $100 from every qualifying purchase of $2,500 or more to the Harry Chapin Food Bank. We ran this campaign the entire month and were elated to see such a great response from community members who wanted to be a part of giving back. By the end of June, we had raised $100,000 to go directly to people in need in our community via the Harry Chapin Food Bank. We had the privilege of presenting a check live on WINK News on July 13th, sharing the importance of giving back in the community, and how we all can make a difference.

Always Room for More Volunteers

While conversing with Richard LeBer at the WINK studio, he communicated two needs: Additional community financial partners and volunteers. Harry Chapin Food Bank offers drive-through distributions in order to align with CDC health guidelines and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 during this time. These distribution sites are run by community volunteers—whom they need many more of. If you are well, able, and willing to volunteer, please visit

For more information on how funds are being allocated, visit

For more information on Storm Smart’s donation, call (239) 274-2761.


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