FULL STACK LARAVEL developer needed to build SaaS application. Full-time. – Remote

Main Project Details:

An existing application that serves only our corporation and dealer base – probably 60 users at the moment.  The app allows field engineers to input specifications about windows, doors, and larger openings on a building.  These data are then converted into a full bill of materials for our products.  This data finds its way to purchasing and to the shop floors for fabrication.  The project was moved into production last year and is stable.   Need a developer that can take us to the next level and extend that application to our dealer base as a full SaaS application.  Original developers are on the project part-time to help spin the right dev up to warp speed.  Stack: Ubuntu, Postgres, PHP 7,  Laravel 5.2, VueJS, JQuery, GitLab.

Legacy Project Details:

A legacy application that serves our customer facing divisions.  It acts as our CRM, quoting, and contract generation tools.  Part of the project will be to refactor this into our newer, existing systems mentioned above.  Some of the work may be to help maintain this application until we can migrate. Stack: Ubuntu, Postgres, PHP 5.5.9 (currently upgrading this),  CakePHP 2.7, JQuery, GitLab.

What we’re looking for:

I need a full stack developer, meaning someone that is completely comfortable configuring cloud services or VPS, configuring and installing all necessary stack software ( LAPP ), using git; gitlab; composer to deploy your source, configuring apache, and troubleshooting these concepts when things go down. We do not YET have any NodeJs running in production.

I need someone that is comfortable working in a team environment remotely and often pair programming.  I believe putting developers together to learn from one another is essential for growth.  I want someone that can help grow our internal team and is willing to share skills and knowledge.  I’m not a micromanager.  I like short, daily scrums over teamviewer unless we need to pair up and tackle some hard issues.   I spend most of my time removing obstacles, getting specifications or clarifications and dumping that info into GitLab so my team has what they need to crack out some cool technology.

Sound like fun?

Email: larajobs@stormsmart.com