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Renovating Your Home After A Hurricane

After a devastating hurricane hits your home, it can be difficult to pick up the pieces. Most people are overcome with emotions and don’t know exactly what they need to do to renovate their home after a hurricane has struck.

Flooding can easily total a home, leading to a long and expensive renovation project. Even if the walls of your home managed to stay intact, chances are you’ll need a new roof and flooring, not to mention electrical wiring, furniture, and appliances. Even when the walls remain standing they’ll probably need to be repainted.

Try to be patient and don’t expect everything to get done overnight. You’ll have to deal with your insurance company and if your home has become damaged by the hurricane, chances are several others in your area have as well which can mean a backup for renovation professionals.

Your insurance company will need to send out an adjuster and your home will also need to be inspected for mold. While your home is being renovated you may want to stay with family or friends or set yourself up in one room of your house which can be renovated last.

One of the most important things you can do is to apply for FEMA assistance immediately after your home has been damaged by a hurricane. Choosing a professional to perform work on your home may be a bit difficult at first. Your insurance company might be able to help you through the process, and there may also be local hurricane relief centers that can assist you.

If you are able to, be sure to photograph and document any damage to your home after a hurricane. Secure your valuables if applicable and file your claim ASAP. Find a safe place to stay until you are able to move back into your home.

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