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Saint Petersburg, Florida, nicknamed “Sunshine City,” is a thriving city with stunning beaches and a rich cultural scene. That’s why more and more people are choosing to move here. But there is a downside – high winds and hurricanes.

For nearly 30 years, Storm Smart has been the trusted name in outdoor enhancement and weather protection for Florida homes. We specialize in serving homeowners in regions prone to severe weather, helping them enhance their outdoor living spaces while ensuring maximum protection from hurricanes.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

Living in paradise has its perks, but the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes can be daunting. Preparing your home before a storm hits is the key to safeguarding it. Last-minute preparations can lead to unnecessary damage and stress.

Why Choose Storm Smart?

Storm Smart equips St. Petersburg properties with top-of-the-line outdoor enhancement and hurricane protection products. Our innovative, custom-built solutions are designed to withstand Florida’s high winds and severe weather, ensuring your home remains safe and beautiful. We proudly manufacture and install our own products, guaranteeing exceptional quality and performance.

Our Hurricane Protection Options

Storm Catcher Screens

Our innovative Storm Catcher® screens seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. These custom solutions help you control the impact of local weather, reduce hurricane-force winds by up to 95%, block UV rays, and keep bugs out. Available in several styles, including roll-down, slide, and strap & buckle, Storm Catcher® screens enhance your outdoor living experience year-round.

Aluminum Shutters

Storm Smart’s aluminum shutters are among the strongest in the industry, passing rigorous impact and wind tests to meet Florida’s stringent building codes. Available in various styles, including:

  • Accordion Shutters: Ideal for windows, patio doors, and balconies, these shutters exceed Florida’s Building Code requirements for wind and impact resistance.
  • Roll-Down Shutters: Permanently installed for easy deployment, these shutters offer the ultimate protection against storm damage.

Storm Panels

For budget-conscious homeowners, our storm panels are a cost-effective way to protect your windows. Choose from metal or clear panels to suit your needs and ensure your home is ready when the storm hits.

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Reach out to Storm Smart to find the perfect outdoor enhancement and weather protection solutions for your St. Petersburg home. Our dedicated in-home consultants will guide you in making an informed decision.

Why Storm Smart Stands Out

Storm Smart is committed to delivering a professional, customer-centric experience. Our consultative approach ensures each solution is crafted to meet your specific needs. Partnering with us means getting the best protection, top-notch installation, and friendly customer service. We also offer flexible financing options for qualifying St. Petersburg homeowners.

"We purchased our Storm Smart hurricane screens last year for peace of mind during hurricane season. Little did we know that we would use them almost every day all year round! They not only offer protection in the event of powerful storms but they provide daily shade in the late afternoon sun as well as rain protection during afternoon showers, allowing us to use our lanai as an integrated outdoor living space. We love them and everyone who sees them, wants them."
-Dennis G.