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Why Climate Change Increases a Hurricane’s Fury


At Storm Smart, we constantly monitor how changing weather impacts strong storms. That information helps us develop the best in storm protection. We look at how 100- and 1,000-year storms are happening more frequently, and the impact of climate change increasing the power of tropical systems, including hurricanes. Here’s why:


The Impact of Global Warming

Global warming and climate change are creating more intense rainfall, higher flood risks and storm surge because of rising water levels. A changing climate has created warmer ocean waters, low vertical wind shear and more intense thunderstorms – all recipes for hurricane development.

Sea level rise also is increasing the likelihood of more profound storm surge events. Models indicate rainfall rates around hurricanes will increase by the year 2100, leading to more intense storms when they reach land, created by spiraling winds associated with a hurricane, drawing moist air toward the center. This creates fuel for massive thunderstorms. The warm air also means hurricanes can hold more water vapor, producing prolific rainfall rates.


Improving Technology vs. Climate Change

Scientists using sophisticated global climate models, along with a better understanding of how hurricanes form and evolve helps in developing more accurate and elaborate forecast models that can predict the track and intensity of a storm. Hurricane hunter aircraft flying directly into the storm also allows scientists to collect data for more accurate measurements. NASA weather satellites also have been incredibly helpful in building more accurate forecasts. In the future, researchers may also use data collected about the ocean’s surface temperature ahead of a storm to predict a hurricane’s intensity more accurately.


What Models Show Now

As future hurricane seasons roll out, most forecasting models don’t necessarily increase in the number of storms. What they do show, however, is that because of a warming climate there is a greater chance of more storms reaching Category 4 or 5 strength. Scientists continue to dive into the history of storms, the impact of a warmer climate and other metrics to look at any potential changes in the speed, direction, and size of hurricanes as they track across the ocean. Since the 1980s, records show hurricane seasons have become more active in the North Atlantic Ocean. Storms have been stronger and increasing in intensity more rapidly.


What does all this mean for you?

Climate change and more intense storms mean we all need to be extra vigilant in hurricane preparation. Storm Smart can help. A recognized leader in storm protection, Storm Smart provides multi-purpose Storm Catcher® roll down screens, hurricane shutters and panels built to withstand the strongest storms. Schedule your free in-home consultation today to see how you can prepare and protect your home from hurricanes.



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