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Category: Education

  • Renovating Your Home After a Hurricane

    After a devastating hurricane hits your home, it can be difficult to pick up the pieces. Most people are overcome with emotions and don’t know exactly what they need to do to renovate their home after a hurricane has struck.

  • How to Make Sure Your Home’s Landscaping is Hurricane Resistant

    If you live in Florida, you probably know how much damage hurricanes can cause. While protecting the structure of your home including its doors and windows is critically important, there are other factors you may not have given much thought….

  • How Flooding Can Damage Your Car

    In addition to many homes and local businesses being destroyed by the recent hurricanes, an estimated half a million vehicles in Texas were damaged by Hurricane Harvey. You may have heard about all of the flood-damaged cars turning up for…

  • What Happens If You Open a Window During a Hurricane

    Somewhere along the line, you may have heard that opening the windows in your home is the right thing to do during a hurricane. The age-old theory has it that if you leave your windows open during a hurricane, the…

  • What Is Actually In Floodwater?

    Serious hurricanes like Hurricane Irma are capable of producing millions of gallons of floodwater. In fact, Irma caused so much flooding that it actually drained nearly all the water from the largest bays in Florida, at least temporarily.

  • How to Make Sure Your Home Is Flood and Hurricane Resistant

    Hurricanes can cause massive flooding and are certainly not something to be taken lightly. Protecting your home and your possessions inside it is something that no one wants to overlook. Floods are the most expensive and most common natural disasters…

  • After the Storm: The Importance of Hiring the Right Company

    After the damages caused by Hurricane Irma, many of us find ourselves wrestling with insurance companies and their adjusters. This is necessary to establish a value for needed repairs, followed by the challenges of hiring contractors to repair our homes…

  • What You Need to Know About Flood Damaged Cars

    Hurricanes can cause major damage to homes, but they can also damage and destroy vehicles in their path. Hurricane Harvey alone caused a total of about half a million vehicles in Texas to be totaled and scrapped. Many of these…

  • How to Help After Hurricane Harvey

    Americans are very charitable and donate millions upon millions of dollars every year to help those in need. On the other side of the coin, there are some unscrupulous individuals who prey on the unsuspecting during times of crisis. If…

  • Where Can My Family Go During a Hurricane?

    If you live in Florida, you should know what a serious threat a hurricane can pose to your home and family. Preparing your home for a hurricane is very important, but you also need to know where your family can…