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Storm Smart’s Smart View Windows & Doors

Storm Smart is proud to present its exclusive line of Smart View impact glass windows and doors manufactured by Eastern Architectural Systems. With our Smart View windows and doors, you will have the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing hurricane protection for your home that will last a lifetime.

What Is Impact Glass?

Impact Glass, also known as Laminated Glass, is typically found as two pieces of glass with an interlayer made of a durable plastic, which serves as the ‘backstop’ for flying objects or possible intruders. Nearly impossible to penetrate, this glass style replaces the need for hurricane shutters and can also reduce your energy costs.

Smart View Windows & Doors Features:

  • Hurricane ready all the time
  • Security against intruders
  • Greatly reduces outside noise
  • UV protection benefits
  • Increases Home energy efficiency

Smart View Windows & Doors Provides Energy Efficiency

Low-E glass, an abbreviation for “Low Emissivity,” is a special clear coating that comes standard on your Smart View Windows. The coating blocks UV rays while optimizing light transmission. In hot months, its heat deflection characteristics will lessen the demand on your air conditioning system, saving you money.

Smart View Aluminum Impact Windows & Doors

The SmartView aluminum windows and doors is very popular in Florida, where strength and durability during hot, humid summers and an unpredictable hurricane season matter most! For many years, the bundled features of the SmartView aluminum windows and doors have been the popular choice for discerning homeowners looking for impact-resistant window systems that also offer the benefits of increased energy efficiency.

If you own a home in Southwest Florida, you will want to be prepared for the day when a hurricane threatens your area. The strength and reliability of impact-resistant windows and doors provide you the confidence you want when ensuring the safety of your home and family. With the simple click of a lock, your SmartView Windows and doors will be fully prepared to withstand the strongest of winds and driving rain. Other features of your SmartView windows and doors include energy efficiency, intruder prevention and noise reduction.

Smart View Aluminum Windows & Doors Features:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum frames
  • Impact-resistant laminated glass
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware
  • Mechanically fastened corners

Smart View Aluminum Windows & Doors Are Tested for:

  • Large projectile impact
  • Water resistance
  • Air infiltration
  • Intruder entry
  • Structural integrity

Smart View Vinyl Impact Windows & Doors

SmartView vinyl windows and doors are both impact-resistant and insulated, giving you the best of both worlds in protecting your home and family, as well as reducing your energy bills. Constructed with multi-cavity chambers to help insulate your home and reduce heat transfer from the outdoors to indoors, they also provide a stronger frame, which supports the impact-resistant insulated windows and doors.

SmartView vinyl windows and doors are incredibly durable and resist corrosion, rotting, chipping and peeling. They are very easy to clean and are not susceptible to insect or fungus attack. These amazing windows are proudly “Made In The USA” and are part of the Earthwise Group, which also has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. You can be confident in the strength, durability and craftsmanship of your SmartView vinyl windows and doors!

Smart View Vinyl Windows & Doors Feature:

  • Fusion-Welded 3 ¼” Frame & Sash
  • Unique Cove Mold Design
  • 5 Degree Sloped Sill
  • Heavy Walled Construction
  • Deeply Pocketed Head
  • Insulated Glass
  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame
  • Made in the USA Certified
"Great experience from start to finish. Couldn't be happier with end product. The screens are exactly as advertised and the auto up and down works flawlessly."
-Mary Ann H.