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Protect Yourself Against These Common Household Leaks

Common Household Leaks in Fort Myers, FL
We know that flooding can cause lots of damage to homes, but water leaks inside the home can also do quite a bit of damage. A water leak can be slow and steady, but not taking care of it can cost you a lot...

What are Impact-Resistant Windows and How Do They Keep Me Safe?

Balcony view in Fort Myers, FL
If your home isn’t outfitted with impact-resistant windows, it’s probably because you don’t know what they are and how they can keep your family safe. Impact-resistant windows are popular in Florida due to the severe damage often caused by storms. Because broken windows or...

How to Make the Most of an Outdoor Patio

Living in Florida means you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the weather outdoors. A patio is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave your home. If you have a smaller outdoor space, you can still enjoy your patio by...

How Storm Protection Products Can Make Your Home More Secure

Storm Smart shutters in Fort Myers, FL
By their very nature, storm protection products protect your home against intense storms like hurricanes, but did you know that they can also make your home more secure? Impact resistant windows do a great job at protecting your home from strong winds and flying...

How To Keep Your Pets Safe During An Emergency

Keep pets safe during an emergency in Fort Myers, FL
When an emergency strikes, people start to panic. We know that we need to get out of the situation, but many times we are confused about where to go or what to bring, knowing that your home may be destroyed in a hurricane or...

What Size Generator Do I Need For My Home During An Emergency?

Emergency Generator in Fort Myers, FL
Emergency situations such as hurricanes often result in thousands of Southwest Florida homes being left with no power. You can remedy that situation with a generator, but many homeowners don’t know what type of generator to buy or what size they actually need. Knowing what...

Cool And Protect Your Home With Patented Storm Catcher Screens

Protection & Cooling of your home with Storm Catcher Screens in Fort Myers, FL
Your home’s windows are its most susceptible areas to storm damage, and they also let in a lot of heat. Having Storm Catcher screens installed will not only protect your home but also keep it cooler. Storm Catcher hurricane screens are recognized as one...