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September 10th: The Day an Atlantic Hurricane Will Most Likely Happen

There has not been one named Atlantic Hurricane to date in 2022. This seems promising for the season but as locals to Florida and the surrounding areas know, when (not if) hurricanes pop up they give around a week’s time of notice to prepare.

The days surrounding September 10th are considered the peak of hurricane season, with over half of the seasons since we have had the capability of tracking hurricanes have had at least one storm in the basin during that time. This is because September has the perfect conditions for a high intensity storm: low vertical wind shear, lots of moisture, and water temperatures that continue to increase. Learn how hurricanes work and what to do to be ready for a storm so you can be better prepared.

September has had more than 20 category five hurricanes over the years, with August following the lead with seven category five storms. Hurricane Dorian was a 2019 storm that could have gone several different paths. At the time there was so much uncertainty where it was going to make landfall that Disney shut down its parks. It ended up directly hitting the Bahamas with 185 mph winds leaving massive destruction.

2019 Hurricane Dorian Aftermath in the Bahamas
2019 Hurricane Dorian Aftermath in the Bahamas

Hurricane Irma impacted Southwest Florida with a direct hit in 2017. The storm left millions of Floridians without power. These are just a couple of major September Hurricanes that have had huge impacts to so many lives. Schedule your free consultation today to take advantage of the extra time we all have been lucky to have this year.

"We purchased our Storm Smart hurricane screens last year for peace of mind during hurricane season. Little did we know that we would use them almost every day all year round! They not only offer protection in the event of powerful storms but they provide daily shade in the late afternoon sun as well as rain protection during afternoon showers, allowing us to use our lanai as an integrated outdoor living space. We love them and everyone who sees them, wants them."
-Dennis G.