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Hurricane Protection Products Available to Residents in Lake Worth Beach, FL

Tan home with teal colonial shutters on a window.One of the mottos of Fort Worth Beach is “The Art of Florida Living.” While that may make you think of fun on the beach and other great outdoor activities, but to really ace Florida living, you need to be ready for hurricane season before it even starts. Founded in 1996, Storm Smart has earned a reputation throughout our community for providing top-quality hurricane protection products and outstanding customer service. We can help you keep your home hurricane-ready so you can keep on perfecting the art of Florida living the way you like.

Hurricane Protection Product Options

The key to protecting your home from tropical storms and hurricanes is to be ready before that storm is even on the radar. We offer the following hurricane protection products to keep your property safe:

  • Windows and doors – We offer windows and doors that are stylish, energy efficient, and exceptionally strong. They are designed to resist wind damage, break-in attempts, and energy loss.
  • Aluminum shutters – These are available in various styles and will protect your windows by taking the brunt of the damage from windblown debris.
  • Storm Catcher screens – Our storm catcher screens can reduce hurricane-force winds by up to 95%, helping to protect everything inside your screen. They also can block UV rays and keep bugs out, making them a great addition to your home even when the sun is shining.
  • Storm panels –Choose from metal or clear panel options for an affordable way to protect your windows when that storm hits.

At Storm Smart, we don’t just sell you these great products, we also install them ourselves so you can rest assured that they are ready to help protect your home when needed.

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"Storm Smart offers the most customer-friendly service, knowledgeable technicians plus quality products. Not to mention that this company is very community minded, and gives back whenever the need arises. We have used this company twice and both times with excellent results. And their prices are very competitive, too."
-Jane R.