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Benefits of Storm Catcher® Screens

Whether you’re a native Floridian, a longtime resident, or a new Florida resident, you will probably have to ride out a hurricane at some point.  Would you rather experience hunkering down in a cave due to the plywood boards or metal panels you installed over the windows or learn about a better way to coast through a storm with Storm Catcher® fabric storm panels?

Hurricane fabric is a high- tech fabric that has the strength to protect glass against wind and rain as well as bounce away storm debris. Some styles of hurricane fabric stretch over your windows, like the fabric of a trampoline, and are mounted in place before a storm with a system of grommets or buckles and straps. While other types of hurricane fabric are permanently mounted to the side of a building and roll down or slide into place over the windows.

What types of Storm Catcher® Screen are offered?


Roll downIt is always in place, ready to use, and made from technologically advanced polypropylene fabric that is so tightly woven that it reduces wind velocity by as much as 95%, rendering even the strongest 150-mph gusts into barely discernable breezes.

Easy ScreenWe call them easy hurricane screens because they are a cinch to install with no tools being required. Slide the screen along a low-profile decorative track at the top, fasten the straps along the sides and bottom, and you have instant hurricane protection! Easy Screen is made from a densely porous fabric mesh that effectively blocks up to 95% of wind energy, reducing gusts of up to 150 mph to a slight breeze.

SlideStorm Catcher® Slide Screens are one of the most easily deployed of the series manufactured at Storm Smart. Simply slide the mesh into low-profile tracks and secure it in place with fasteners. The tightly woven monofilament fabric of the screen is formulated to reduce wind velocity by up to 95%.

Strap & Buckle – Our proprietary Storm Catcher® Strap & Buckle Screens are made with an innovative monofilament fabric that is strong enough to block up to 95% of wind energy. In fact, these screens have been proven to take the power right out of 150 mph winds and reduce them to a gentle breeze, shielding your home from these destructive forces. Lightweight, easy to store, and installs quickly.

Benefits of Storm Catcher® Screens

  • See-through, allowing natural light into your home, eliminating the darkness that comes with covered windows
  • Reflect sun glare
  • Easy to install
  • UV Protection, protecting furniture and pavers
  • Lightweight and translucent
  • Designed to absorb suns heat, lowering energy bills
  • Blocks up to 95% of wind and rain


To view our hurricane screens in person, feel free to stop by one of our showrooms in Fort Myers or Naples. You’re also welcome to contact us to learn more about the Storm Catcher series and the lifetime warranty that will be included with your purchase. Storm Smart is proud to serve homeowners throughout Southwest Florida.

"Storm Smart offers the most customer-friendly service, knowledgeable technicians plus quality products. Not to mention that this company is very community minded, and gives back whenever the need arises. We have used this company twice and both times with excellent results. And their prices are very competitive, too."
-Jane R.