Testimonial | Laurence C.

Mr. Rist,

Yesterday I had a lanai electric storm screen installed at my home in Hampton Park, Gateway.  I have been in Florida since 2002 having migrated from New York. So, so many time I have been disappointed by the quality and lack of professional work in Florida, that I came to always expect a job that would have its shortcomings with missed appointments, calls, etc.  Never delivering on their promises and just plain misrepresentation.

From the beginning call to your business, to set an appointment, to the finished product was truly what I have always wanted and expected. Your company and its employees delivered in so many ways.

The communication and follow-up were spot-on.

The installer who worked by himself except for the electrical connection was outstanding. His installation was nothing less than perfect. And I mean it. Perfect. This was the first time that I thought, “I didn’t have to be here to watch.”

Outstanding. Just outstanding. I actually cannot believe I’m saying this. However, I’m very glad to say it.

Thanks so much for a wonderful experience,

Laurence C.

Fort Myers