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How To Make Sure Your Home’s Landscaping Is Hurricane Resistant

If you live in Florida, you probably know how much damage hurricanes can cause. While protecting the structure of your home including its doors and windows is critically important, there are other factors you may not have given much thought. One of those is your home’s landscape. Did you know that certain plants and trees can actually help protect your home in the event of a hurricane, while others may be more likely to cause damage to your home?

Trees that have shallow roots and are planted in soft soil are more likely to topple over during high winds. Those trees could become uprooted during a hurricane and fall onto your home, causing serious damage. A sturdier and strategically placed tree could shield your home from some of the strong winds that accompany hurricanes.

It is recommended that you trim tree limbs that are dead, damaged, or diseased because they can easily be dislodged during strong winds. If you have any trees in your yard that are hollow, cracked, or decayed, you should have them removed to minimize property damage from a strong storm.

You also don’t want to plant trees that are susceptible to wind damage, even if they don’t cause damage to your home. Planting your trees in groups can help them survive strong winds better than they can individually. Certain tree species also resist wind better than others, so do your homework. Palm species often survive hurricanes better than other types, which may be why they are so popular in Florida.

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