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How to Secure Your Garage During a Hurricane

Hurricanes are closely monitored, but they can be tricky to predict as far as where they ultimately land. Tropical storms and hurricanes are facts of life in the state of Florida, so many residents have extensive experience in boarding up their windows, stocking up on food and water, and deciding to leave town or hunker down and ride out the storm. If you are a Floridian, you’ve likely gone through the steps of boarding up your home under the threat of a hurricane, only to have the storm turn away, leaving you in a dark, cave-like house with a ton of uninstalling to do.


When a 300-mile-wide hurricane strikes, your garage is one of the many places that are vulnerable. In most homes, the garage is by far the largest opening. If your garage holds two or three vehicles, it likely contains thousands of cubic feet of space. Your garage takes a beating from heavy winds and rain, and if the walls are flimsy, the windows break, or the door lacks proper reinforcement, a strong gust of wind could quickly rip this ample space open. Doors or windows failing is known as a building envelope breach, which happens when air pressure builds up inside. The force of that air pressure can easily compromise the structural integrity of the rest of your home or business. The pressure created as the wind howls through your garage could collapse walls or blow the roof off your home.


If your garage door sustains damage and storm waters begin filling your garage, the flooding can also cause you massive damage, even if the water level is minimal. Standing water in your garage can crumble your drywall and ruin your personal belongings. And if water that enters your garage breaches your foundation, it can put the structural integrity of your whole home or business at risk. Fortunately, there is an easier way to prepare for a hurricane, which takes far less time and effort. Learn More Today!

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