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Protect Your West Palm Beach, FL, Home by Investing in Hurricane Protection Products

Sitting area decorated with fancy sitting sofa's and yellow lights with side glassesWest Palm Beach, Florida, has it all. From amazing beaches to entertainment and nightlife, it’s a great place to live. However, homeowners in this area know that while it’s usually a beautiful place, there will undoubtedly be times when West Palm Beach is faced with strong storms and even hurricanes. So, it’s a smart idea to prepare your home now so you’re ready when inclement weather strikes. At Storm Smart, we offer top-of-the-line hurricane protection products designed to stand up to intense storms.

Hurricane Protection Product Options

  • Storm catcher screens – We offer storm catcher screens that are easy to install and reduce wind speeds by up to 95%.
  • Windows and doors – The glass in our windows and doors has two panes separated by a layer of plastic, making them nearly impossible to break. Choose from various style options, all of which are very energy efficient.
  • Aluminum shutters – Our aluminum shutters provide excellent protection from windblown debris and can be equipped with keyed locks to protect your home from potential intruders, which is ideal for homeowners who must evacuate for a storm.
  • Storm panels – Our cost-effective and easy-to-deploy storm panels provide protection from windblown debris and have passed wind-and-impact resistance tests as required by the Florida Building Code.

Let’s Get Started!

If you’re ready to protect your home by having hurricane protection products installed, contact the professionals at Storm Smart today. We proudly serve homeowners in West Palm Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas.

"We purchased our Storm Smart hurricane screens last year for peace of mind during hurricane season. Little did we know that we would use them almost every day all year round! They not only offer protection in the event of powerful storms but they provide daily shade in the late afternoon sun as well as rain protection during afternoon showers, allowing us to use our lanai as an integrated outdoor living space. We love them and everyone who sees them, wants them."
-Dennis G.
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