How Storm Protection Products Can Make Your Home More Secure

Storm Smart shutters in Fort Myers, FL

By their very nature, storm protection products protect your home against intense storms like hurricanes, but did you know that they can also make your home more secure? Impact resistant windows do a great job at protecting your home from strong winds and flying debris, but they can also be a deterrent against burglars.

Burglars and would-be-thieves often enter homes by breaking windows or the glass area of doors. They then unlock the door or clear out the window and enter the home to take what they want. This method is effective because it’s fast, allowing the bad guys to get in and out before they are detected in many cases.

Impact resistant windows are built to handle heavy impact and won’t shatter as easily as traditional windows when hit by blunt objects. If a window can stand up to hurricane-force winds, it can also hold up to a baseball bat or flashlight hitting it. Windows that are impact resistant are similar to your vehicle’s windshield. They are built to splinter but not shatter. This means burglars cannot break the window completely and enter your home easily.

Impact windows may still be able to be broken, but it will require much more time and effort to do so. Burglars want to get in and out quickly and don’t have time to waste. They also know that these types of windows require more effort to break, and they’ll be more likely to be noticed by neighbors and passersby.

Chances are that if a burglar does approach your home and attempts to break your windows, they’ll quickly move on to the next home down the street or around the block. That makes impact resistant windows all the more important when considering how to protect your home from storms and burglars. For more information, contact Storm Smart at 239-274-2700.